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Research Lines

Law, Life and Technology

Coordinator: Graça Canto Moniz
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This line of research aims to contribute to the creation and development of scientific knowledge in the areas mentioned: Law, Life and Technology. It embraces such broad concepts of these three topics that, within its scope, technological applications such as artificial intelligence, social networks and cryptography are included; it also seeks research from various legal disciplines that include both contributions from contract law and doubts regarding the assumptions of criminal investigation in the digital environment; finally, changes in collective life and intrusions in intimate life are also included.

The discussion to be triggered will necessarily have a legal dimension, but it is also intended to be multidisciplinary, involving, among others, engineering, bioethics, philosophy, sociology, economics and management. On the other hand, the breadth of the themes and concepts that are to be studied is also reflected in the openness of this line of research to collaborations with the other research lines at CEAD.

Examples of possible subjects/areas of research in this line are

  • Applications and implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the courtroom
  • Smart Contracts and the need to review contractual processes
  • Civil Liability and AI
  • Technology and access to law
  • Risk management in technology regulation
  • The European Union strategy for AI
  • Social Networks and Democracy
  • Cryptography and Fundamental Rights
  • Technology and criminal investigation
  • The regulation of fake new

Ana GonçalvesAna Isabel GuerraCarlos Ferreira da SilvaConceição Soares FatelaGraça Canto MonizInês Fernandes GodinhoJoana Tavares OliveiraJoão Vieira dos SantosJorge Osório de CastroJosé Gonçalves MachadoJosé Grazina MachadoMaria de Lurdes Vargas; Pedro Costa MonteiroRomulo Guerra; Rui Cascão.

 Research results: