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De Legibus

De Legibus is a biannual generalist law magazine. But it also assumes a transversal vocation. It also intends to publish articles in which Law intersects and dialogues with other areas of knowledge.

De Legibus – Law Journal was born as the journal of the Faculty of Law of the Lusófona University (Lisbon). It has grown as a scientific journal of national scope and distribution, in print, and now intends, in its re-edition under the CEAD seal, to reaffirm itself as an international journal.

International because in addition to having an editorial board made up of renowned academics of various nationalities and affiliated to higher education institutions of various countries, it will also publish articles by authors of various nationalities, in Portuguese, French, Spanish and English. In the scope of this internationalization and as a result of this diversity, it intends to welcome articles on national, foreign, comparative or international law.

De Legibus is also available in any country, through the on-line publication of free access through the link De Legibus

De Legibus guarantees the quality of its publications through a system of double blind peer-review, ensured by reputed national and foreign scholars, experts in the subjects addressed.