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Seminar – La Sapienza (Rome): Atypical Employment Contracts and Digital Economy

The world of work is undergoing profound changes at a time when the global economy is failing to generate sufficient jobs. These changes include, among others, the growth of forms of employment that are different from the models traditionally used.
So-called atypical forms of employment may serve specific purposes, such as seasonal work situations, but they can also be used to regulate new activities and forms of occupation that arise from the evolution of society in our time.
These atypical forms of employment include, among others, fixed-term contracts, temporary work, outsourcing, telecommuting, intermittent work, part-time work, among others.

Considering the importance of the academic debate around these issues, the Programme of Doctorate in PRIVATE AUTONOMY, IMPRESA, LAVORO E TUTELA DEI DIRITTI NELLA PROSPETTIVA EUROPEA ED INTERNAZIONALE of the University of Rome La Sapienza, together with the Ibero-American Institute of Legal Studies – IBEROJUR – and the Doctoral Programme in Law of the Lusófona University, decided to promote the present seminar.


vent Director: Stefano Bellomo (Sapienza)

Event Director and introducer: Professor Stefano Bellomo (Sapienza)

Coordinators: Fábio da Silva Veiga (Lusófona-Iberojur) and Camilla Martins dos Santos Benevides (Sapienza)

Coordinatori: Fábio da Silva Veiga (Lusófona) and Camilla Martins dos Santos Benevides (Sapienza)


Realization: Sapienza, Ibero-American Institute of Legal Studies – IBEROJUR and Lusófona University

Realizzazione: Sapienza, Università Lusófona e Istituto Iberoamericano di Studi Giuridici – IBEROJUR


Organizing team IBEROJUR (squadra organizativa IBEROJUR): Talita Cardim, Giovana Cruz, Millena Estevão.

Venue: Sapienza (Italy) with possibility of participation via ZOOM.

Luogo: Sapienza (Italia) con possibilità di partecipazione tramite ZOOM.


Download here (download file) the Seminar Programme – La Sapienza, Rome (updated on 03 February 2022)

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Seminario: Lavori atipici ed economia digitale (ROMA)