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Scientific Seminar “Work, Precariousness and Justice (TrabJus)”

We divulge and invite all the scientific and academic community to participate in the Scientific Seminar “Work, Precariousness and Justice (TrabJus)”, promoted by the Law Faculty of Lusófona University – University Centre of Lisbon in partnership with CEAD Francisco Suárez, to be held on 19 April 2023, in the Court Room (N.1.11.).
In the collective research project “Work, Precariousness and Justice (TrabJus)”, financed by the Incentive Program for Science and Pedagogical Innovation “Fazer +”, of the Lusófona Group, three main objectives were pursued. They were:

1) The study on the theory and practice regarding the legal means available to combat labour precariousness, through, also, the consultation of a significant number of judicial cases that were processed in Labour Courts in five different comarcas;
2) The study of new forms of human work organization, especially work carried out far from the employer’s establishment
3) The study of precariousness, work and justice in the light of other perspectives, namely the philosophical one.