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Research Seminar – Administrative Offences and Expansion of Criminal Law

We hereby disclose and invite all the scientific and academic community to participate in the Research Seminar of the Master’s Degree in Legal-Criminal Sciences (ULP), promoted by the Board of the Master’s Degree in Legal-Criminal Sciences of the ULP in partnership with the CEAD Francisco Suárez, to be held on 20 May 2022, at the premises of the Lusófona University, in the city of Porto, Portugal (R. de Augusto Rosa 24, Porto).

The present activity aims to enhance critical and comparative reflection on problems of misdemeanours and the punitive system for students of post-graduate studies in legal and criminal sciences, with a view to promoting research.


Date/Years and Schedule
May 2nd, 2022 – 15:00 to 17:30

Lusófona University of Porto

15:00 | Opening Remarks
Alexandra Vilela – Director of the 2nd CE in Legal-Criminal Sciences
Inês Godinho – Vice-President of CEAD Francisco Suárez

15:10 | Administrative Offences

Moderator: Alexandra Vilela
Teresa Serra (Lawyer, Sérvulo & Associados)
Misdemeanours in action

16:00 | The expansion of Criminal Law

Moderator: Inês Godinho
David Pavón (Universidad Europea)
The use of criminal law in corporate crimes
Álvaro Alzina Lozano (Rey Juan Carlos University)
The expansion of criminal law as a concept: sports offences

17:30 | End of Session

Free admission