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Permanent Seminar “Current Issues in Law” – War and Peace in Europe: a look from Poland

The third Seminar of this 3rd edition will have the theme: “War and Peace in Europe: a look from Poland”.

The Permanent Seminar on Current Issues in Law is a monthly event organized by the 2nd Cycle of Studies in Law (Masters) of the FDCP-ULP, through which it aims to motivate the target audience of this cycle of studies and other relevant audiences, for the diversity of problems, issues and controversies of the current world of Law.

Lecturer: Professor Dominika Harasimiuk (Poland).
Moderator: Professor Maria do Rosário Anjos.

Online event, with free registration and issuing of certificates.

Registration link for certificates: https://forms.gle/4rM68NHofKJkSeXV7 

Date: March 24th, 2022.
Time: 18h PT / 15h BR.
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