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Lisbon Global Meeting on Law and Society 2022 – Artificial intelligence & law: biased and discriminatory algorithms

The CEAD Francisco Suárez belonging to the Law Faculty of the Lusófona University Lisbon will participate in the “Global Meeting on Law & Society”, which takes place between 13 and 16 July 2022, in Lisbon.

It is one of the most ambitious events in the field of socio-legal studies at international level to date, organised by the North American Law and Society Association in collaboration with academic associations from all corners of the globe.

The topic addressed by CEAD Francisco Suárez will be “Artificial Intelligence & Law: Biased and Discriminatory Algorithms”, on 13 July 2022 between 10.15am and 12pm, at ISCTE – Building II, Auditorium B2.03 – Ferreira de Almeida.

LAC Conveners and Coordinators
Patrícia André – in collaboration with Inês Fernandes Godinho and Maria de Lurdes Vargas (CEAD Francisco Suárez)

Working language: EN.

Maria de Lurdes Vargas (CEAD Francisco Suárez/Lusófona University Lisbon)

Ana Gaudêncio (UCILeR /University of Coimbra)
Inês Fernandes Godinho (CEAD Francisco Suárez/Lusófona University Lisbon)
Manuel Pita (CICANT/Lusófona University Lisbon)
Mateusz Klinowski (Jagiellonian University Krakow/Poland)
Miguel de Azevedo Moura (CEDIS/Nova School of Law)
Nuno Castro Marques (CEAD Francisco Suárez/Lusófona University Lisbon)
Wilson Engelmann (UNISINOS (Brazil)/CEAD Francisco Suárez)