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With a view to the scientific study on the new perspectives for accidents and the work environment, in the context of a world in transition, the TRT-6 and GETRIN 6, in partnership with FACULDADE FRASSINETTI DO RECIFE – FAFIRE, will hold the IX PERNAMBUCAN CONGRESS ON SAFE WORK, with the theme: WORK IN A WORLD IN TRANSITION: NEW PERSPECTIVES ON SINISTRALITY IN THE LABOUR ENVIRONMENT.

CEAD will be represented by Professor Carolina Freitas e Silva, who will talk about “Against new pandemic threats: health protection and contractual reaction of the worker, according to the Portuguese legislation”.

The aim is to discuss the world of work in a post-pandemic scenario and how the labour market has been adapting and reacting to the new reality. It also aims to present specific studies on workers’ health, in a vision that transcends the geographical barriers of Brazil, and also the recent changes in regulatory standards on safety and health at work. There will be thematic panels focused on the study of workers by applications, the contribution of collective labour relations for the construction of a safe and healthy working environment and also the psychosocial repercussions caused by the confinement resulting from the pandemic.

The event will be enriched with the special participation of the Sunflowers Club, formed by young people with Down Syndrome and other cognitive/intellectual limitations, highlighting the importance of the inclusion of people with disabilities in the job market. Check out, below, the complete program.

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