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I Cycle of Conferences on Luso-Brazilian Labour Law

We hereby disclose and invite the entire scientific and academic community to participate in the I Cycle of Conferences on Luso-Brazilian Labour Law, under the theme Sustainable Labour Relations: Old and New Challenges, promoted by the Lusófona University in partnership with CEAD Francisco Suárez, to be held on 11 May 2022, at the premises of the Faculty of Law of the Lusófona University of Lisbon (ULHT), in the city of Lisbon, Portugal (Campo Grande, 376).

The event will take place in the Auditorium José Araújo (Victor de Sá Library Building) at 14h00 (PT) / 10h00 (BR) and will end at 18H30 (PT) / 14H30 (BR).

CONSULT THE PROGRAM – Luso-Brazilian Labour Law Conference Cycle

Those wishing to attend the session remotely may do so at the following link: https://videoconf-colibri.zoom.us/j/83435174426

More information: cead.francisco.suarez@ulusofona.pt