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Fazer+: Science and Innovation Support Programme – 2021 Edition

The “DO +” Program of Support to Science and Innovation aims to support and reward activities and projects that strengthen the capacity for research and innovation in Lusófona educational establishments.

All applications must be submitted until May 28, 2021, to the ILIND email address (ilind@ulusofona.pt)

The programme is the result of a concerted strategy between the ILIND – Instituto Lusófono para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento, the Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, the Universidade Lusófona do Porto and the Instituto Superior Manuel Teixeira Gomes and unfolds in three distinct initiatives:

Excellence in Research” Competition

This competition is intended to finance innovative projects and preferably with a strong interdisciplinary component in any area of knowledge that may result in larger-scale projects to be submitted for funding by other entities.

Amount available: 62.500 euros


Prize for “Best Innovative Teaching Practice

The competition is designed to reward the integration of innovative processes in the curricular contents and activities of units of any training level that stimulate experimentation, group and transversal work, based on a mixed system of in-class teaching and distance learning, in order to stimulate self-learning and work in an inclusive manner.

Amount available: 8.500 euros


Award “Good Practices of Research in Teaching “

The competition is designed to reward the best processes of integration of R&D practices in the contents of course units [UC] that promote the integration of students in (R&D) activities, preferably in the initial study cycles.

Available budget: 4.500 euros



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