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In January 2020 a close collaboration between the CIENCEVITAE team and the IOUs began, with the constitution of the CIENCEVITAE Promoters Network.

This network has played a key role in the dissemination and promotion of CIENCEVITAE within the education and research community. However, to better fulfill its role, it is important that the Promoter CIENCEVITAE is recognized by the community of the institution it represents, ensuring support to users in the use of the platform CIENCEVITAE.

In this context, it will be made public, on the site CIENCEVITAE (see demo here) the following data:

  1. a) Name of the Promoter CIENCEVITAE;
  2. b) UID that represents
  3. c) URL of the UID;
  4. d) Institutional contact email.

If you consent to such disclosure, we request that you respond to this email by 15 December 2020.

We also remind you of the need to create a CIENCIAVITAE profile, for which we provide a User Manual to facilitate this process.