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Call for Papers – ULP LAW Review

The Editorial Board of the renewed Lusófona University Law Review (ULP Law Review), with the purpose of promoting the dissemination of excellence in scientific production in the different areas of Law, is pleased to announce that there is an open deadline for the submission of doctrinal articles and other original texts, dealing with issues of special relevance and timeliness for Law, with a view to their publication (in physical and online format) in the next issue of the journal, in July 2021.

All the contributions that, due to their quality and relevance, will be selected will benefit from the attribution (at ULP Law Review’s expense) of a unique alphanumeric digital identification code (Digital Object Identifier – DOI).

DEADLINES: Authors who wish to see their doctrinal articles published in the next issue of the ULP Law Review should send their contributions by 4th June 2021.

For further information please consult the ULP Law Review website.