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Seminar – La Sapienza (Rome): Atypical Employment Contracts and Digital Economy

The world of work is undergoing profound changes at a time when the global economy is failing to generate sufficient jobs. These changes include, among others, the growth of forms of employment that are different from the models traditionally used.
So-called atypical forms of employment may serve specific purposes, such as seasonal work situations, but they can also be used to regulate new activities and forms of occupation that arise from the evolution of society in our time.
These atypical forms of employment include, among others, fixed-term contracts, temporary work, outsourcing, telecommuting, intermittent work, part-time work, among others.

Crash Course: Islamic Finance and Green Bonds

The Law Faculty of Lusófona University of Lisbon, in partnership with RSA – Raposo Subtil e Associados and CLYDE & Co, organises an innovative Crash Course on Islamic Finance and Green Bonds, according to the programme.

Anticipating the impact that post-Covid 19 will have on the liquidity of the national banking market, “Islamic Finance” may constitute a sustainable alternative to the Western banking model and the emission of “Greens Bonds”, one of the financing options for the so-called “green” projects.

The Crash Course is free of charge and will take place on 26 May 2021 at 9.30am on the zoom platform, with the general coordination of Professor Conceição Soares Fatela and João Luz Soares (coordinator of the R&D department and senior lawyer at RSA LP).

The course will take place via zoom and registrations should be made via email paula.almeida@ulusofona.pt.

Abreu Advogados Award

The Knowledge Institute of Abreu Advogados announces the 5th edition of the Abreu Advogados Lawyers Award, one of the most prestigious national competitions dedicated to research and innovation relevant to the practice of law.